Corporate Culture

Based on the belief that employees’ competitiveness equals the company’s competitiveness, Pantos strives to create a healthier and enjoyable working environment for our employees.
In addition, we pursue corporate culture innovation based on the vision process called ‘No.1 Pantos’, so that employees can continue to seek both individual and organizational growth with a sense of solidarity.

Corporate Culture Management System

Major Activities

Core Elements Creating a smart work environment Internalizing core
Creating a
direct/horizontal communication culture
Breaking down Silo(1) between organizations
and generations
Creating a pleasant workplace
Introduction Enhancing work efficiency and maximizing customer value by improving the way of doing work Enhancing employee awareness and creating consensus through internalization of No.1 Pantos vision and behavioral principles Promoting sincere and open vertical/horizontal communication Maximizing harmony and synergy by breaking down silo between organizations and generations Building a pleasant corporate culture that everyone wants to be a part of
Work habit management activities

Inefficient reporting/meeting culture improvement activities

Operating employee participation programs

Conducting corporate culture survey on a regular basis.

Meeting with CEO

Various activities for promoting active communications among business units and divisions/departments

One mind meeting(2)

Reverse mentoring(3)

Creating a culture of recognition/appreciation/compliment by operating a Thank-you Day, healing programs, etc.

Creating a fun and enjoyable workplace by operating a Lunchbox Day, Pantos Singer King Contest, etc.

Caring members by life and career cycle.

(1) Silo: ‘Departmental egoism’

(2) One mind meeting: Meetings and activities designed to enhance harmony among departments

(3) Reverse mentoring: Programs designed to promote understanding among employees, especially between generations.
Junior employees become mentors of senior employees, sharing their thoughts and values of younger generation.

Human Rights and Labor

Human Rights and Labor Policy

Pantos respects human dignity and right to pursue happiness of our employees and other stakeholders. We support and comply with human rights and labor laws of national and/or local laws as well as the related international standards. As a part of the effort, we have established Pantos Human Rights and Labor Policy. All of Pantos’ business sites are adhering to the principles of the Policy. Through systematic risk management process, we strive our best to minimize human rights and/or labor related risks within our business process.