Social Cotribution

Pantos recognizes local community as an important stakeholder that has a direct/indirect impact on the company. We strive to create community values through social contribution activities.
In particular, we have been engaged in social contribution activities focusing on empowerment of children. In the future, we plan to design and operate various CSV(Creating Shared Value) programs that can contribute both to solving social problems and to creating our own values by employing Pantos’ own characteristics and expertise.

Employees’ Community Engagement Activities

Through the ChildFund Korea, we conduct various social contribution activities in which employees participate, such as wall painting, volunteer work, kimchi-making, and supporting children.
Pantos conducts various activities utilizing funds raised by employees’ use on in-house cafe and health-keeping center.

Donation activities

Pantos has been supporting the treatment of low-income children with incurable diseases through donations to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital every year since 2016.
In 2020, Pantos provided emergency assistance to vulnerable children exposed to the risk of COVID-19. We delivered emergency kits which contained items for preventing infectious diseases and providing meals, such as masks, convenient meals and others, through the ChildFund Korea.