CEO Message

Dear our stakeholders,

Today’s business environment is changing at the fastest speed
and largest scale that it has never been before.
The demands of society on companies are also becoming more diverse.
As a result, the conventional management approach is no longer sustainable.
Companies can achieve sustainable growth only when the society around it is also healthy.
We acknowledge that integrating economic, social, and environmental consideration into business
decision-making and operation is crucial for being a responsible corporate citizen as well as a
sustainable company by reinforcing our own competitiveness.
This is why Pantos seeks to build sustainable management system that creates social and
environmental values together with financial ones.
Pantos will practice sustainable management based on two promises.
Firstly, we will expand its positive influence on society.
Due to the nature of a logistics company, Pantos works with various members of society throughout its
business, from procurement to production and sales. We will actively communicate with our stakeholders to
understand what society needs and think about what we can contribute. Based on such communication and
trust with our stakeholders, we will establish a solid foundation for creating not only economic performance
but also social values.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Pantos has established a sustainability vision,’Value Deliverer for People and the Planet’ and is carrying out the activities under the following core elements.

Sustainability Policy

Pantos strictly adheres to domestic, international principles and global standards regarding respect for workers’ human rights, building a safe working environment, environmental responsibility, and business ethics, and strives to establish a sustainable business environment accordingly. As part of this effort, we have established Pantos Sustainability Policy and will carry out more systematic sustainability activities based on the Policy.

Pantos Sustainability Policy

  • 1. Human Rights and Labor Policy
  • 2. Environment, Health and Safety Policy
  • 3. LG Code of Ethics

Compliance Guidelines

In conjunction with the Sustainability Policy,
we present detailed employees’ behavioral principles through
the ‘Compliance Guidelines (LG Compliance Guidelines)’.


Pantos Supplier Code of Conduct

Pantos hopes that our suppliers will also fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities and achieve sustainable and healthy growth through mutual efforts.
In this regard, we present what we expect from our suppliers through the ‘Pantos Supplier Code of Conduct’. We ask our major suppliers to submit the Code of
Conduct Pledge, and urge them to comply with the principles in the areas including labor, human rights, environment, health and safety, and business ethics.