Pantos Logistics has differentiated project logistics competitiveness based on its ultra-heavy cargo transport capacity, consulting capabilities, and its own overseas networks.

Our Differentiated Express Services

  • We have transportation knowledge about various machines, equipment, and materials used for plant construction.
  • We provide safe on-time delivery services by securing optimal ships and flights according to cargo types.
  • We deliver cargo inland through services, such as prior survey, route investigation, obstacle survey transport simulation, and special vehicle delivery.
  • We propose safe transportation methods by investigating the customs, laws, and practices of destination countries.
  • We conduct local tax exemption and reduction customs clearance work and provide comprehensive consulting services that cover trade / logistics services, such as L/C, C/O, and embassy certification.
  • In connection with its overseas networks, we provide systemized comprehensive logistics services ranging from transport planning (from cargo dispatch to arrival in job sites) to follow-up management.

Project Transportation actual cases

Pantos Logistics drew attention from the industry by successfully transporting the world’s largest and heaviest plant equipment (RFCC reactor/regenerator: weight of 2,000 tons and length of 64m) from Ulsan Port to the UAE for the “RRE2” (UAE Ruwais crude oil reactor) project in 2011. The company was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for transporting the world’s heaviest gas turbine generator (186 tons) by air from Germany to Armenia for the “Yerevan CCPP” project in 2009.

Project Transportation Video

Pantos Project Logistics introduction video

USA Wind Power Equipment Transportation Project